Douglass is open during the Covid-19 crisisClassic Blue: The Pantone® Color of the Year
Cleaning and Disinfecting FAQNassimi’s Resilence Approved Disinfectants List
Overstock SpecialsFormations: Grey Inspirations
Polyurethane key points: Spradling’s PBG+ Approved Disinfectants List
Cleaning and Disinfecting the Maestro CollectionWhat does Limited Stock Mean?
What is Hydrolysis Resistance?Chinese Porcelain: PPG's Color of the Year
Nassimi's Writer’s Block Approved DisinfectantsChainmaille
Formations: Neutral InspirationsFormations: Coral Inspirations
Spradling's Permablock Approved DisinfectantsFormations: Aqua Inspirations
Morbern Approved DisinfectantsDefining Fibers
Formations: Burnt Sienna InspirationsEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Polyurethanes
Omnova's Prefixx Approved Disinfectants ListBella-Dura® facts
Naval: Sherwin Williams' 2020 Color of the YearStill confused about California's Proposition 65?
Naugahyde/Uniroyal Approved DisinfectantsOrient Express
Senova SeatingBella-Dura® Cleaning Instuctions
Douglass is open during the Covid-19 crisis
We are monitoring the situation daily and will remain open.  Please know that our team here in New Jersey will do everything we can to complete your orders in a timely manner.
Cleaning and Disinfecting FAQ
Important information regarding selecting, maintaining and disinfecting Douglass’ upholstery products
Overstock Specials
Need fabric that is in stock and budget friendly? Check out our overstock specials for products that are ready for immediate shipping while being an extra special value.
Polyurethane key points:
With a greater emphasis on hygiene and cleanability, polyurethane products are becoming a key element for projects in a post COVID-19 world. Their features include:
Cleaning and Disinfecting the Maestro Collection
Cleaning for Sta-Kleen® Polyurethanes and Polycarbonates along with NuLeather™ products
What is Hydrolysis Resistance?
Hydrolysis Resistance is the ability to withstand exposure to heat and humidity for an extended period of time.
Formations: Neutral Inspirations

Check out the Neutral Inspired Colorways.

Formations: Burnt Sienna Inspirations
Check out the Burnt Sienna Inspired Colorways.
Naval: Sherwin Williams' 2020 Color of the Year
Senova Seating
Classic Blue: The Pantone® Color of the Year
Every year the design community waits and watches for Pantone’s annual color selection, even more so, as we move into a new decade.
Formations: Grey Inspirations
Check out the Grey Inspired Colorways.
What does Limited Stock Mean?
Chinese Porcelain: PPG's Color of the Year
Chinese Porcelain reflects the natural elements such as sea and sky which people are seeking today more than ever.
CHAINMAILLE, provides durability while offering an eye catching sheen.
Formations: Coral Inspirations
Check out the Coral Inspired Colorways.
Formations: Aqua Inspirations
Check out the Aqua inspired colorways.
Defining Fibers
Definitions for Common Woven Fibers.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Polyurethanes
Bella-Dura® facts
Learn the facts about Bella-Dura®
Still confused about California's Proposition 65?
You are not alone trying to decipher the various ins and outs of California's Prop 65!
Orient Express
Enjoy learning about the inspiration for our Orient Express Collection.
Bella-Dura® Cleaning Instuctions
See the Cleaning Instruction for our Bella-Dura® fibers.

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