Introducing Fractals

February 2024


There’s a certain type of curiosity that draws one into viewing fractals. It might come from the organic interlacing of the tree branches overhead with the sun filtering through or perhaps the unique intricate pattern work found in snowflakes. While some unending fractal images are mathematically orientated, others reveal themselves through the beauty of nature. Our Fractals’ collection woven in the USA and divided into two stunning cards.


Fractals I


Fractals I contains Profile, which was inspired by whipped grasses, being randomly caught up in a wire fence.  See the inspiration in the Wild Natural Wind art Article from Wake Up Wyoming. While the “fence” supplies structure, the “grasses” are caught up haphazardly in a backdrop of soft chenille. 




Profiles eight color pair perfectly with the eight colorways of Ethos, a small scaled structured gridwork relaxed by a delicate boucle yarn.








Fractals II


Fractals II expands on the fragmentary appeal with the addition of the pattern Heirloom, surrounded by harmonious coordinates from Chaplin and Interact.


Heirloom’s structure begins with a layer of gently tossed leaves whose look is then elevated with a top cellular outline. Blending of the two styles further enhances the visual attraction. Some might relate to Heirloom as having a stained-glass effect.





Interact forms a subtle stack box effect by crossing multiple colored yarns back and forth throughout the fabric.








A fine bi-colored warp system adds a hint of depth to Chaplin’s soft chenille surface.  Four of Chaplin eighteen colorways create harmonious color stories with Heirloom and Interact.





As of October 2022, fluorine has been removed from the Crypton® formulation making all Crypton® fabrics finished since then PFAS Free. Crypton® fabrics repel liquids and releases stains.



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