Polyurethane key points:

(selections from CFFA’s “Focus on PU or PVC for upholstery”)


With a greater emphasis on hygiene and cleanability, polyurethane products are becoming a key element for projects in a post COVID-19 world. Their features include:

  • A more realistic imitation of leather than a PVC
  • Has excellent abrasion results
  • Can remain soft and supple without surface cracking or peeling
  • Is lighter weight than most PVC’s
  • Is high in tensile strength, elongation and better recovery after being stretched
  • Can be disinfected with a bleach solution

However, there are several points to be taken into consideration when specifying polyurethane:

  • Needs to be upholstered up the roll
  • Recommend using a firmer foam to prevent puddling
  • Is not recommended for welt cords

Understanding the attributes of these products while keeping in mind their limitations will help make the best selection for every project.  View the full list of Polyurethanes Douglass has to offer here.

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