Still confused about California's Proposition 65?

You are not alone trying to decipher the various ins and outs of California's Prop 65!

What started out in 1986 as a "safe drinking water" California law has evolved over time requiring businesses to provide a clear and reasonable warning before exposing individuals to products containing chemicals that may cause cancer or reproductive harm.

Please note that businesses could face serious legal repercussions if it is determined that a Prop 65 warning was not included when it was required. When your company intends to use Douglass Fabrics as a component in a product(s) sold into the State of California, we recommend that you take steps to determine whether the warning requirements apply.

Remember your company is solely responsible for determining whether your finished consumer product needs to be labeled in compliance with Prop 65.

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Our team is available to assist you further with any questions or concerns you may have on our products. Please contact or use the Contact Us Form for additional information.

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