Know About Polyurethanes


We are here to help! Download a PDF version of the “Guide to high performance polyurethane upholstery fabrics”.

It is a quick and easy resource with visual references and answers to basic questions such as:

  •     Why use polyurethane?
  •     What is polyurethane & How is it made?
  •     What are the environmental benefits?
  •     What makes it suitable for contract use?
  •     What is Hydrolysis?
  •     Tips for upholstering with polyurethane
Hopefully, this guide will answer many of the questions that you may have.

It is important to note the upholstery methods for Polyurethane differ from vinyl but they can also differ from Polyurethane to Polyurethane based on the quality of resin, total weight and the backing fabric used.

Click here to see our Collection of Polyurethane Fabrics.

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