Electrum: Color Marketing 2020 Key Trend

"A color suggestive of alternating currents, Electrum is the CMG 2020+ Key Color for North America at the beginning of the new decade. The complex, green influenced gold metallic has a chameleon quality that allows it to shift between the two hues, and take on altered energy in concert with other hues. Electrum is not a chameleon color to match the background, but one to enhance it." from the Color Marketing Group Blog.



Persia Himalaya Twist Raffia

Persia Himalaya


Twist Raffia


Inclination Pollen Optima Flax
Inclination Pollen Optima Flax



Click the image below to go to Electrum on Color marketing Groups website to see more.


CMG 2020 Key Color: Electrum

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