Transitioning to Neo  

Douglass is in the process of changing over the constructions, on the products listed below, to remove any flame retardant additives along with anti-microbial treatments and phthalates.

We are addressing the needs of fire personnel not wanting to be subjected to chemicals while combating flames as well as addressing the state of California’s propositions.

These patterns are in a transitional phase now. As the current stock moves out, the new “Neo” versions will be coming in.

With regards to our memo samples and production goods, there is no difference in the color, hand, weight or backing between the current construction and the new “Neo” version.

Please note that some FR specifications will be changing on the new versions. By removing the FR additives, product that originally passed IMO, FMVSS 302, and ASTM E-84 may no longer pass these codes.

Kindly contact your sales representative or customer service for additional information.

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