Wellness is well

One of the latest estimates puts the spending on wellness and it products in the next few years at over $900 billion. That is a staggering amount in just a matter of a few years. A result of the anxiety in our daily lives of nonstop motion. The number of industries that are embracing this new mind set is literally unlimited. No matter what the cause, you will have multiple ways with products designed to bring you back to healthier place in your life.


What is wellness?


Wellness seems to be the conjunction of body, mind & spirit with the natural world. We are all organic so nature is in our DNA. This connect has led biophilic design to move from the fringe to the mainstay through the design in buildings, textiles and art to name a few. The spa industry is reframing their offering with natural hot springs, salt rooms and meditation domes. The goal is to create a community experience and not just a destination indulgence. Now you can increase the benefits of your workouts with CBD now being added to sportswear. The verdict is still out just how well this will work, particularly after a number of launderings.


Where can wellness be experienced?


One of the most interesting entries into wellness, are the airlines. Just a trip through security will no doubt upset your senses so they are using ambient light therapy for international flights. Hotels, not to be outdone are also looking at their menus where more nature produce is used with less salt and not preservatives. Looking at any menu today, you will find an offering of not just vegetarian but now also vegan dishes, not to mention the numerous apps that can help you find the healthiest of restaurants closest to your location.


Wellness of the future?


Technology is in everything and wellness is included. The new term gamification is basically playing a game to relax and unwind. There are also countless podcast and meditation apps to help you find your sense of calm and to better mental health. And if you find that technology is part of the problem, then there are new resorts creating digital free spaces and activities to hopefully help with the FOMO many people experience.



Wellness isn’t a fad that will just fade away. Now it is becoming a much bigger part of people’s lives and how they want to live their lives. This means connecting with others and well as with nature to create a balance for life. Through the stress of modern life, our wellness is affected by so many things but it can also be improved with the knowledge we have gained in how we live. Our FORMATIONS collection takes it cues from the earth in abstract organics to create patterns and colors that can sooth and refresh your guest whether it is hotel or restaurant. Please take a few moments to relax by walking through the options on our website.

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